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Our group has several collaborations with industrial partners mainly companies that produce lab equipment and devices for synthetic labs.

Such a collaboration of the team “Software development” of the Stefan Bräse group works very simple:

The industrial collaborator provides a device that actually is used as a stand alone device but could be used as a device that

• Is connected to a network
• is controlled via connection to a network
• is connected to a virtual environment for more efficient lab management

The Software development team programs a part of software that can be downloaded on a BeagleBone that is plugged in the device via USB or RS232 interface. Immediately, the device becomes a part of the “Internet of Things” which allows an incorporation of the device into several (virtual) work environments as e.g. the Dial-a-Device platform.


• the device has to offer an Ethernet, a USB or RS232 interface
• the company must be willing to provide the interface protocols

The team is continuously interested in the development of new methods for the integration of devices. We want to offer a huge range of software for devices that are a common, basic part of an organic synthetic lab to facilitate the daily routine of chemists and to allow academic researchers to work as professional as possible.

In all the cases where we are successful and we can offer a part of Software that allows a more professional work with the lab instrument, we ask for a permanent loan or donation in form of the device. This is not mandatory but a nice signal to acknowledge the work of the group.