ComPlat / Bräse group


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    Dominic Lütjohann 

The challenge of the LSI-PROTOTYPE is to develop a software that can be used as Laboratory Information and Management System for academic researchers.

There a many Laboratory Information and Management Systems worldwide for chemists available but, none of them is a suitable and affordable one for academic researchers.
Chemists at the universities are in most of the cases not very well equipped with information technologies and do most of the things (especially the documentation) manually. Regarding to the developments of the last years especially in the field of computers and modern web-technology this seems to be very old-fashioned.

The LSI-PROTOTYPE is running at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in form of a test version with parts of the desired functionality. The LSI-PROTOTYPE contains features to receive and find analytical data automatically, to analyze and visualize data from other institutes. A basic ELN (electronic laboratory notebook) is incorporated into the prototype to plan and document the reactions properly.

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