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Spectra to go

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    Pierre Tremouilhac 

Creating a software that allows the visualization and analysis of spectroscopic data (e.g. NMR data, IR data, Raman data) without the need of special proprietary software

Almost all devices for the analysis of chemicals run with a proprietary software that gives data formats that are hard to analyze with simple and free software tools. The analysis of data is therefore very often only possible with special software tools at the university and very often even limited to a certain number of computers where the particular software is installed.

The SPECTRATOGO toolkit will allow the analysis of spectroscopic data from almost any device (android) without the need for special installations. The user is able to have a quick view at his spectra from everywhere he/she is with his/her mobile. Is will be possible to check signals, zoom into the given perspective and label the signals that have been detected.

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